Your Basement Design and Finishing Experts

At Bedrock Basements we are a team of design, construction and renovation professionals with decades of combined experience working together to provide a no-hassle one stop basement finishing solution.

If you have an unfinished basement we will start by understanding your needs for the space and design an appropriate layout that works for you within the structural constraints of your basement.

Adding value to your home and to your life is our mission. It’s something we live and breathe every day and incorporate into everything we do. From quality products and professional trades to thoughtful extras and warranties that make our clients feel at home.

We Are Basement Designers

Basements are a unique part of your home. Our designers have the experience and solutions to bring your vision to life considering your basement layout and the Ontario Building Code.

We Are Trusted

With dozens of basement projects completed every year our clients know that their projects are the best hands possible from start to finish.

We Are Experts

All we do is basement finishing – from framing to painting. There’s no basement design challange we haven’t overcome!


Our approach to basement finishing is based on merging your vision with our design and construction expertise.

The core values encompass:

Full scope, and pricing transparency

Constant communication with clients

Realistic timelines based on project scope



Your basement is a blank canvass to build your dream space. Our team of designers and builders have the unique expertise to make it a reality.

From our first meeting to the completion of your project our goal is to guide you through every detail of the project to make sure that your own personal style and vision shines through.

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Layout Design

We will work with you to design the most efficient layout for your basement that works with all the posts, drains, HVAC, windows and all other constraints in your space.

Design Your Dream Bar

Whatever style of bar, our 3D renderings will bring your vision one step closer to reality. Rustic or modern, sit-down or walk-up, we will design the bar that fits you and your space.

Kitchen Design

A kitchen designed to fit your needs, your basement and your budget is our goal. Whether you want a simple in-line kitchennette or a full kitchen with an island, a 3D rendering of your kitchen in your basement will help you make all the right decisions before any custom work is done.


It all starts here. Our design team will create a detailed 3D rendering of your finished basement.

We will work with you through several iterations of designs until we have brought your vision to the design. From the direction of the door swings to the type of shelving in your bar - all the details are addressed.

This way you know exactly what the finished product will look like and we know exactly what we need to deliver.

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