3D Basement Design

Our 3D Basement Designs

We believe that before embarking on a big renovation project such as finishing or renovating a basement a detailed design with all the details is necessary. Our basement designers have years of experience designing basements with all the constraints that basements have such as low ceilings, bulkheads, utility rooms, sump pumps, etc.

Every basement project we do is unique with its own challenges, requirements and client needs. A detailed 3D design is a tool we use to help both us as the builder and our client to visualize the finished product before the start of construction. We will work with you through several iterations of your layout until we get it right as you want it.

For custom items such as bars, kitchens and built ins a 3D design is absolutely necessary in order to define exactly what we are building and how will these items will effect project costs.

A detailed 3D Basement Design is part of every basement finishing or renovation project that we do. We believe it an essential part of pre-project planning. Give us a call at (905) 251-2250 or book a free estimate online to meet with one of  our basement experts.