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A basement bar is a fantastic addition to your home if you like to entertain in your finished basement. There are many countless of basement bar ideas and decisions to be made when it comes to designing your wet bar so as with the rest of the basement, planning your basement bar design ahead of time is key.

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Basement Bar Layout

The size and layout of your entire basement will dictate the size, shape and type of basement bar you can put in your space. A large, open concept basement would work great for a larger traditional sit-down, U-shape style bar as this design needs more floor space. An inline walk-up bar against a wall is a better solution for a smaller finished basement.

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Basement Bar Size

Most finished basement bars are built using standard size kitchen cabinets. This way, sinks, fridges, dishwashers and other appliances will fit. This is also a budget friendly option as there are a lot of pre-fabricated cabinets that can be purchased off the shelf and installed quickly.

A standard Basement kitchen cabinet is 24” deep with a 25” deep countertop. So if you are planning to have a larger, U-shape bar with an island and bar stools you will roughly need 8 linear feet of depth off the back wall. You will need 24” for the cabinets on the back wall, 36” for the centre of the “U” for you to stand in while bartending, another 24” on the front of the bar already adds up to 7 feet. Plus the supporting bar face wall and overhang of the countertop will get you to 8 feet deep and this is the point where your bar stools will stand. How long (the two prongs of the U) your bar is will be determined by what the size of your finished basement allows, what kind of appliances you need to include and what your budget is.

Another very popular option for a basement bar is a walk-up bar against the wall. This version of a bar is a great option for smaller basements where there isn’t enough space for a U shape bar. This bar design can make a great statement in a finished basement with a bold backsplash and open shelves. With the correct lighting and some bottles displayed this can be the focal point of a newly finished basement.

Basement Bar Storage

A basement bar can provide plenty of storage space for glassware, bar utensils, drinks and other bar essentials. However, bar cabinets are often overlooked as a storage solution for other basement-related items. As long as your bar cabinets have doors, you can store extra dishes, board games, snacks, and even your audio receiver or other TV components.

Basement Bar Materials

The materials you choose for your home bar design really depend on the look and feel that you want for your finished basement. If you like the idea of a rustic basement and a traditional bar area then stone and dark wood along with dimmed accent lighting are the best materials to use. Wood is a versatile material, it can be used for shelving, cabinetry, wall surfaces and even countertops. Of course not all wood can be and should be used for every application. Do you research about the species of wood available in your area, associated costs and whether it’s suitable for your application. A bar top made out of a softwood like pine or spruce may be very cost effective but it will dent more easily and show wear early on – which may or may not be the look you are going for.

A modern basement bar design will usually include flat panel MDF cabinetry with a PVC wrap that comes in a variety of colours and textures. Glass shelving, a quartz countertops and a sleek tile will complete the modern wet bar look.

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Basement Bar Designs

Whatever your basement space is, our team of designers at Bedrock Basements will work with you step by step to design the basement bar that works with your style and decor. A basement bar can be a great addition and focal point of your basement renovation and be a place for your friends and family to enjoy. Our team has all the knowledge and experience to first provide a realistic 3D rendering of your basement and also the resources and network to source all the needed materials and specialty fabricators to make it all a reality. Give us a call or fill out the form below to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our basement designers.