Basement Bathroom Ideas

Adding a bathroom in a basement as part of a basement finishing or basement renovation project may be a good idea. A bathroom in the basement is useful for overnight guests or if a basement is a rental unit. It’s also convenient if your family spends a lot of time in the basement. You can add a full three-piece bathroom with a shower or a smaller two-piece powder room if a shower is not needed.

Basement Bathroom Rough In

Most homes built within the last 20 years will have a basement bathroom rough in for a three-piece bathroom. The rough in ties into the existing sewer system as well a plumbing vent. If your basement rough in is not in the desired location for the optimal basement layout a new one can be built by cutting into the foundation and connecting to the sewer lines at the proper angles. The cost of a new rough in will depend on the distance to the of the new basement bathroom rough in to an existing sewer line.

Basement Bathroom Layout

Basement bathrooms are usually very streamlined in design and optimize of space. The basement bathroom is meant to be practical and functional with and efficient use of floor space in mind. A minimum three-piece bathroom size is 5 feet wide by 8 feet long. This will accommodate a stand up shower, toilet and a 30” vanity with all plumbing fixtures (shower head, toilet, vanity faucet) all on one wall. Most client opt for a modern stand up shower with tile walls, mosaic floor and a glass panel and door but cheaper, prefabricated plastic options are also available as well as tubs.

Basement Bathroom Exhaust

Ontario Building Code requires a mechanized exhaust fan in all the basement bathroom so that moister can be removed. Depending on the basement layout design, the direction of the ceiling joists and other factors, the bathroom exhaust duct may result in a ceiling bulkhead. Although our designers try to avoid this as much as possible.

Basement Bathroom Flooring

Typically client choose a tile for the bathroom flooring. It is a classic look that is waterproof and allows for infinite design choices. Due to the fact that most basement bathrooms are smaller than a home’s master bathroom for example we do not recommend oversized tiles for this room. Normally, anything larger than a 12”x24” tile will look too large for this space and will lead to a lot of cuts and wastage.

Basement Bathroom Design

Our team at Bedrock Basements has years of experience with basement bathroom design. Whether it is a small powder room or a full size bathroom with a shower. We will take a look at your specific space and pay attention to such things as windows, bulkheads, drain stacks, door direction, overall layout etc. to make sure you make the right choices for your overall bathroom and basement design. Give us a call at 905-518-9095 or fill out the form below to arrange for an onsite meeting with one of our basement design specialists. At Bedrock Basements we are a team of design, construction and renovation professionals with decades of combined experience working together to provide basement bar, basement kitchen, basement gym, basement bathroom &  basement theater finishing solutions.