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As Innisfil grows so does our reputation in this town. When it comes to basement renovations or basement finishing in Innisfil you’ll need to hire a trusted partner like Bedrock Basements to get the job done right, on time and on budget. Hiring a reliable and reputable basement renovations company is essential when planning a major renovation such as finishing or renovating a basement. At Bedrock Basements we believe it is imperative to have a well defined project scope, design and plan in place before starting any basement renovation project. This is why we spend a lot of time with our clients working and asking the right questions and getting the correct requirements for every project. We are happy to speak you with you by phone or come out for a free basement renovation estimate in Innisfil in person. Book a free estimate or give us a call to talk to a basement renovations specialist.

Basement Finishing

A town as colourful and energetic as its logo, Innisfil offers a lot to its 36,000 inhabitants. With a long past as a rural area, Innisfil went through a series of expansions once the Greater Toronto Area grew bigger.

Over the years, Innisfil has grown from a small rural town to a rapidly growing urban town. Located on the western shore of Simcoe Lake, Innisfil enjoys the geographic benefit that a few towns have. Innisfil is situated in between the modern towns of Barrie and the York region.

Since the 90s, Innisfil has seen a steady growth in population and urbanisation. The ever-growing expansion of the town calls for modern housing solutions. It is no surprise to see increasing demands for remodelling the basements into a modern living space.

Basements Renovation Services in Innisfil

If you’re planning to renovate your basement, you have come to the right place. We are a team of experienced professional that combine skills with creativity to turn your dream basement into a reality.

Bedrock Basements is a trustworthy name in Innisfil. We have completed several projects in the area and we are loved by our clients. Whether you have an idea in mind or want us to inspire you with a creative renovation design, call us today on 905-251-2250 for a free consultation.

Basement Renovation Ideas in Innisfil

With many residential developments taking place during the past years, Innisfil became a very desirable town for many people to call it home. Many of our Innisfil clients are young families looking to expand their living space by getting their basements renovated.

Whether it’s an additional space for the kids to play or a new home office for that space where you can actually work from home. Our team at Bedrock Basements will design a functional layout that will match your budget and unique requirements. Give us a call or fill out the free estimate form below to get started on finishing your basement in Innisfil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work myself to cut down the cost of renovation?

As per our contract, we do not allow our customers to work on major renovation process. However, you can opt to complete the paint job yourself to save money. Get in touch to know more.

What are the flooring options for renovation of my basement?

The type of flooring largely depends on your budget and the requirements. You may choose from Below-grade flooring, Sheet Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tile Flooring, Plank Tile Flooring, Concrete Flooring, Wood Flooring, Carpet Flooring etc.

Can I see some basement renovation designs?

We have completed hundreds of renovation projects turning empty basements into modern-designed living spaces. Please get in touch to know more, we are happy to show you our portfolio and discuss your requirements.