Basement Renovations

Transform your basement dreams into reality! 

Is your basement not up to your standards? Do you want to transform an outdated, cluttered space into something fabulous and functional?

 You’ve landed in the right place. At Bedrock Basements, we have the right tools, skilled professionals, and creative minds to add a touch of elegance and purpose to your basement.

Bedrock Basements: Where basement dreams come true!

Bedrock Basements is where we help turn your basement dreams into reality. At Bedrock Basements, we help you create the space to match your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to convert that basement into a gym, guest suite, home theatre, bar, or just additional living space, you name it, and we will have a cutting-edge design for you.

Basement renovation is a task that requires knowledge of building codes and impeccable design skills; that’s why we love doing what we do. We believe that every basement has the potential to be something unique, if done the right way, it can be the most amazing space in your house. Bedrock Basements, we let you guide us in what you need in your basement and we’ll design a custom layout that works with your space and budget.


Renovating a Basement With Us?

Our ideal basement renovation project is the one that excites our clients and presents a unique challenge to us. We work on creative designs that are inspirational, aesthetically beautiful and multi-functional. Basement renovation is a three-step process. We begin with the initial onsite visit and estimate, followed by a detailed 3D design process and lastly, the demolition of your existing space and construction of the new basement.

Basement Renovation Steps

Once you have contacted us, our design team will visit you for a basement tour. After we have listened carefully to your requirements, we will provide you with a well-structured customised proposal.

The proposal will guide you through the scope of work, estimated time duration for completing the renovation process, and project agreement. Our team is happy to present you with a budget-friendly payment structure.

All details will be shared with you via email for your analysis. The proposal will give you a fair estimate of the budget and timeline of your basement renovation project. Give us a call today to schedule a meeting.

Our team of creative designers will put together up to 3 stunning designs for your basement renovation project. We will give you a 3D virtual tour to help you visualize and assess the final look of your remodelled basement. 

We will be in touch with you during this entire process. Our team will come up with designs that bring the best out of your basement in terms of space, look, functionality and your unique requirements.

Once we have finalized a design, we will order the required materials that include the finishing of your choice. Once everything is delivered, our team will start the renovation project.

We will share a detailed project plan to help you keep track of the renovation process. When we work with you, we keep you updated with the tiniest details to let you oversee how well the project is coming through.

Once the renovation is completed, we will inspect the whole basement to ensure all the finishing and touch-ups are taken care of tastefully. Once you are satisfied with the new look of your basement, we will leave you to enjoy the space. We offer a 2-year warranty and are one call away if you need us. Get in touch with us to get a free estimate.

Make A Statement!

A basement gives you the freedom to brainstorm and come up with unique renovation ideas. Basement remodelling is your chance to stand out from the rest and add more beauty and functionality to your space. Call us today to avail the best basement renovation services at a competitive price. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Renovations

How long does it take to complete the basement renovation?

We usually take four weeks to complete a project. Depending on the size and project demands it may sometimes take longer, however, we discuss the deadline.

How much does it cost for basement renovation?

There is no fixed amount, and creativity has no limits. It largely depends on the size of a basement and other factors such as flooring, waterproofing and various installations. Give us a call to get a free quote!

What can I turn my basement into?

A basement can be turned into a spare bedroom, a guest suite, a home theatre, a bar cum party hall, a gym, a game room, an office or a secondary dwelling.

Why Choose Bedrock Basements?

Our approach to basement finishing is based on merging your vision with our design and construction expertise.
The core values encompass:

Full scope, and pricing transparency

Constant communication with clients

Realistic timelines based on project scope